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`This  store has been set up in response to Covid 19. In these days of self isolation all galleries including my own at Painting at the Rectory and exhibitions have been temporarily closed. To allow patrons to continue enjoying and purchasing paintings in addition to my normal website (www.crowley-long.com) I have set up this e commerce page to allow some retail therapy from your armchair. Paintings can be ordered through this site and in addition I can be contacted in the normal way for patrons who prefer the personal touch. Patrons can choose between having the painting delivered by courier or I can deliver them personally.

I will be updating this site as paintings are completed and there will be special offers from time to time, so please share and check in regularly. If you wish to receive regular updates on my activities by email newsletter, please let me know by mailing me at jassy@iol.ie . Tally ho and keep the spirits up!

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"What are paintings for? To fill a mans soul with admiration and sheer joy, not to bewilder and daze him." ...Munnings

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Jacinta Crowley-Long



Jacinta is known as one of Ireland's foremost contemporary canine and equestrian artists.

She is an artist with an international reputation and following, exhibiting not only in Ireland but also in the UK, mainland Europe and in America.She has also curated a number of exhibitions showcasing Irish and international artists. Her paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections including the OPW, de Beers SA, BP and ETP International. She has been commissioned to paint dogs and horses, from the much loved mongrel to winners of classic races.

In this exhibition she is showing an extensive range of subjects including evocative rural landscapes which surround her home on the Wexford/Wicklow border, country interiors, still life and portraits. Dogs are her first love and in this show there are many examples of her canine portraits including the well feted Kilkenny greyhound Slaneyside Diego now on retirement with Jacinta in Wicklow.

Jacinta is a natural colourist with a great eye for composition. Visually striking with convincing representations of the real thing, her works have great beauty and intense realism, designed to stir the heart and lift the soul. Her masterful use of colour and tone create a powerful illusion of space, light and atmosphere. These qualities together with her astute powers of observation, excellent drawing skills and intuitive response to a vast array of subject matter, sets her apart from other artists. Her painterly style is what she calls impressionistic realism. 'I like to have my paintings lean towards a looser rendering of the real and leave a little to the viewers imagination.'

Crowley-Long is consistently enriched and inspired by the countryside surrounding her Rectory home and many of the paintings in this exhibition are secret places and moments caught in time and freshly placed on the canvas with exuberance and panache.

She has always felt a strong connection to the canine and equestrian spirit. A large part of her work is visiting trainer's yards capturing the stars of the turf for her numerous well-known clients in the horse world. Her affinity to dogs is legendary. 'Dogs have a very human quality. Each dog has a unique personality and spirit and it is my challenge tobring each dog's authenticity, essence and character to the canvas' she says.

In her portraiture, she excels in capturing the personality of the animal. 'A big part of a likeness is an animal's personality' she insists. She certainly successfully conveys the spirit, exuberance and depth of expression unique to all her canine portraits.' Cross bred or pure bred, every dog or horse is a challenge.Working with owners allows me insight into each animals personality and the great effect they have on our lives.' Her goal with each painting is to make the owner's happy by giving them a connection with their animals that they can keep forever. Art for the Heart it certainly is.

She is an artist in the truest, highest sense who stays true to her artistic voice. This is a vibrant and colourful exhibition that is a must see for both countryside enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.